Thursday, May 25, 2017

Spandex and the City by Jenny T Colgan Blog tour

Spandex and the City is the second novel from Jenny T Colgan, the pen-name of bestselling and award winning romance writer Jenny Colgan. It's a fairly flimsy disguise especially as the author's lovely, smiling face adorns the back of the book and I'm guessing there are two reason Ms Colgan is hiding her science fiction alter-ego in plain sight; firstly because she is utterly unashamed of her passion for and interest in stories about superheroes and time travelling doctors and secondly because she wants you to try her delightful genre mash-up and admit that you like it too. I am a big fan of science fiction, fantasy, comics, superheroes and romance so the idea of this book really intrigued me. It's a bit like Bridget Jones falling in love with Superman and it's as wild, funny and laugh out loud as that description sounds.
Holly Phillips is hungry for a job in journalism she wants to write about exciting things, but for now she's working in the PR section of the Mayor of Centreton's office writing boring press releases about subway repairs and traffic disruption. One Friday night while clubbing with best friend Gertie she is rescued from a villain by the city's resident superhero Ultimate Man and throwing her over his shoulder he exposes her underwear to the world. Just hours later her image has gone viral and she's become "Panties Girl". Holly just hopes that interest will die down and that'll be the end of it but as an evil super villain tries to attack Centreton again and again Holly just can't help bumping into Ultimate Man and before she knows it, they are on a date, well sort of.
This is a delightful and funny romantic comedy which has some deep moments and some truly laugh out loud moments. I really loved it. Jenny T. Colgan is a smart, sassy writer who knows her genres and yet breaks all the rules to create something new. If you've wondered how Lois Lane puts up with being Superman's girl and all the drama that entails then you'll love Holly's story. Perfect for fans of Superheroes, contemporary romance and Doctor Who.
Available now from Orbit in paperback. Thanks to Clara Diaz for a copy of the book and a chance to take part in the Blog tour.

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