Friday, June 30, 2017

Lisa's Links, Lists and Inspiration

This is one of those blog posts in which I take to the internet to tell you about other people's great posts on other parts of the internet or to put it another way; here are some articles that I really enjoyed and I wish I'd written them. Anyway I'm currently attempting to edit an article I've written, editing the outline for my novel, working on the second draft of my novel, reading an imaginative time travel fantasy about magic and science. The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. and organising my daughter's birthday sleepover. So what better time to write a blog post?

Earlier this week I shared M. L. Rio's Books that Made Me so below is a link to a guest post that she wrote for the Waterstones blog (which I also occasionally write for by the way) in which the author writes about some of her favourite Shakespeare inspired novels.

If you haven't already done so you should check out today's Google doodle which features Victor Hugo. On this day in 1862 he published the final chapter of Les Misérables  learn more about the man and his work here

If like me you love reading books about books and books about readers then you will love this list from Off the Shelf which will give you another thirteen books to add to your wishlists and TBR piles.

If you are contemplating doing Camp Nanowrimo you can sign up on the site below but even if you aren't taking part you can read words of wisdom and encouragement from a whole host of great writers by checking out the author pep talks at the link below.

With a new version  of  My Cousin Rachel  just hitting our cinema screens there has never been a better time to re-read Daphne du Maurier's classic gothic masterpiece. Julie Myerson reviews both

I can never resist anything about the Brontës so the following two articles immediately drew my attention one is about the wonderfully successful Bradford Literature Festival and the other is about the influence of Branwell on his sisters' creative lives.

Finally some writing inspiration for the weekend I subscribe to the newsletter of the wonderful Nephele Tempest, who is an agent at The Knight Agency and every Friday she shares some writing inspiration so here are two of the articles she shared that I felt really spoke to the struggling writer in me.

Happy Reading and Happy Writing until next time.

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