Monday, August 6, 2018

On Bone Bridge By Maria Hoey

Maria Hoey's second novel was released last month and it is an assured and dazzingly follow up to her debut The Last Lost Girl which was shortlisted for both the Kate O'Brien Debut Award and the Annie McHale Debut Novel of the Year Award. Check out my review of The Last Lost Girl HERE

On Bone Bridge is a tense, edge of your seat psychological tale. Opening in the early 1980s with imaginative and lonely only child Kay Kelly who finds herself befriended by the intriguing Violet-May Duff. They even share a birthday. Kay falls in love with the big house the Duffs live in and head over heels for Violet-May's dark haired older brother. However when Kay and Violet-May take a walk to Bone Bridge with Violet-May's two younger siblings a tragedy unfolds which changes all their lives. Years later having lived in London for many years, Kay reconnects with Violet-May and her family and the echoes of that Summer day and its events reverberate as Kay tries to understand what really happened on that long ago day on Bone Bridge before another tragedy occurs. 
As in her brilliant debut novel Maria Hoey explores family, relationships, memory and loss with precision and emotional honesty. I devoured this book in two sittings, desperate to know what would happen next and utterly intrigued by the brilliantly drawn characters; so lifelike and honest. This is a book that is about grief and healing, secrets and lies and the power of love. 

Thanks to Poolbeg Books for a copy. On Bone Bridge is available in paperback and e-book now. 

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