His Castillian Hawk by Anna Belfrage


I was delighted to be invited by The Coffee Pot Book Club to take part in the blog tour for Anna Belfrage's new book His Castillian Hawk which is set during the thirteenth century and the reign of Edward I. Robert FitzStephen is a loyal soldier in Edward's constant wars against the Welsh and when Robert saves Edward from an apparent assassination attempt his reward is the hand of Elenor d'Outremer; Noor to friends and family along with her lands and a knighthood. As an illegitimate son Robert has risen far above his station at birth and he is grateful to Edward. His young bride whom Robert thought at first to be mousy and quiet proves to be a fiery and spirited young woman and Stephen is soon captivated by her. At first there is a conflict of loyalty as Robert gives up the woman who had shared his bed; Edith, who harbours a sinister jealousy towards Noor but soon there is a greater conflict of loyalty as Noor speaks up against some of the treatment of the Welsh and Stephen seeing his King become ever more cruel will have his loyalty tested to the limits. Anna Belfrage is a wonderful writer of historical fiction that sings with romance, drama, tension and intrigue. If you enjoy the books of Diana Gabaldon, Carol McGrath, Barbra Erskine or Joanna Courtney then you will love Anna Belfrage's work. 

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed His Castilian Hawk! Thank you so much for hosting today's stop.


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