A Class Apart and A Class Entwined by Susie Murphy Blog Tour

Susie Murphy has written two books so far in her A Matter of Class series which features Cormac and Bridget who grew up as best friends on the Oakleigh estate. Bridget's father had a passion for Irish history, language and culture, a love he passed on to his daughter. However with the death of her father Bridget's life changes dramatically, her mother takes her to Dublin and it is several years before she returns to her beloved country home. While she wishes to rekindle old friendships, Cormac is now a servant while she is a lady and not only that, she is engaged. However when Cormac rescues Bridget after a life threatening accident they realise that they feel more than friendship for each other. Set against the backdrop of growing tension between landlords and tenants, A Class Apart is a wonderful sweeping historical romance perfect for fans of A O'Connor, Nicola Cassidy or Kathleen McGurl.

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If you haven't read A Class Apart I would advise that you stop reading at this point.

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The second book in Susie Murphy's A Matter of Class series A Class Entwined has just been published and continues the story of Cormac and Bridget. Cast out from Oakleigh and with Garrett having blackened his name throughout Irish society Cormac is unable to find work at any stables in Carlow or nearby counties so he makes his way to Dublin; starving and desperate he finds himself involved with a vicious moneylender. Caught up in this violent world, Cormac despises the person he has become until a chance to change his life completely comes along.  Bridget has moved to London having had no choice but to marry Garrett. When she realises that she is pregnant, it is her child that she lives for, though Cormac is never far from her thoughts and she throws herself into charity work finding a purpose that had been absent from her life previously. Susie Murphy is a fantastic storyteller who has really done her research on 19th Century Britain and Ireland. She has created wonderfully memorable characters, a page turning plot and a brilliant atmosphere. I really felt invested in the story and I'm eager to find out what happens next.

Thanks so much to Susie for the chance to read an early copy of the book and be involved in the blog tour.

UK Kindle edition of A Class Apart

UK Kindle edition of A Class Entwined


  1. Thank you so much for reviewing A Class Apart and A Class Entwined, Lisa!

    1. It's Susie, don't know why my name didn't come up there...!

    2. You are very welcome. 😁


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