The Queen's Devil by Paul Walker Blog Tour with Coffee Pot Book Club


Paul Walker's third novel in his series of William Constable spy thrillers opens with the young doctor attending young Robert Cecil, the son of the Lord High Treasurer; a young man in crippling pain. William has created a brace to help straighten his crooked back and relieve some of the agony. However William's talent and resourcefulness are soon noted and made use of by both his father Lord Burghley and Walsingham, the spy master himself. Attending some alleged conspirators in the Tower, Constable is tasked with both tending their wounds and uncovering information. Constable finds himself caught up in a plot against the Queen not knowing who he can trust. Even his mother and wife are drawn into the tangled web of Walsingham's spy network as Queen Elizabeth's courtiers seem as distrustful of each other as they are of potential plotters. Full of glorious detail of food, entertainment, medicine and the finer points of educated conversation, Paul Walker's research is meticulous as he captures the reality of daily life for a Tudor physician. A must for fans of SJ Parris and Hilary Mantel. Published by Sharpe books and availlable now.


  1. Thank you so much for hosting the blog tour for The Queen's Devil. I am so glad you enjoyed the book!!

  2. Thanks for your generous review, Lisa.


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