I Julian by Claire Gilbert


I, Julian by Claire Gilbert is a fictional biography of Julian of Norwhich detailing her life, her faith and her writing. It is an extraordinary work of creativity, spirituality and scholarly research. The narrative opens a window on medieval life allowing us to see the perils of plague and poverty, the devotion of faith through grief and hardship and the everyday life of medieval people as they celebrate, perform plays and pilgrimages and mark the passing of the year through the saints and feast days. 

Julian chafes against the restrictions and conventions of her world. Having grown up with her mother in harmony with nature and deeply enmeshed in her faith, finding solace in prayer. She is a solitary young woman prefering to read, think and pray than involve herself in the role expected of her as a young merchant's wife. She finds running a household and raising a child dull and irritating. 

Then tragedy strikes as her husband and daughter are taken by the pestilance, stricken by grief and blaming herself Julian believes that God is angry with her as she searches desperately for meaning and purpose until she herself falls ill and as she recovers her visions begin.

Julian of Norwhich is brought to vivid life by Claire Gilberts magical writing, a fantastic achievment that will appeal to anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction or non fiction especially those who have read and loved Maggie O'Farrell's Hamnet. 

Thanks so much to Rhoda Hardie PR and Hodder and Stoughton for a gifted copy. Details of the blog tour below.