The Devil and the Heiress by Harper St George


I am thrilled to be part of the blog tour for the second book in Harper St George's Gilded Age Heiress series. The Devil and the Heiress focuses on Violet, younger sister to the more serious August who was the main character in the previous instalment. Violet might at first seem more traditional than her sister more in love with the idea of love. However, while she may not share her sister's interest in business, Violet does have her own plans and is determined on a career as a novelist. Besides which, she is a shrewd young woman who will not be railroaded into an arranged marriage. 

Violet arrived in London with her family believing that their trip was about visiting friends and her father furthering his business interests. It soon becomes obvious that it is her parents plan to combine business and marriage and to find her a husband who can gain them entry to the doors in New York that were previously closed. As Violet resists her parents attempts to match her up, she learns that her American sweetheart has been paid off and in a fit of outrage Violet decides to take fate into her own hands and runs away. 

With the assitance of a willing but scandalous young Lord, Violet sets off out of London. However the man who aids her, Lord Leigh, is the same one that Violet has been observing since she arrived in England, the man who was the inspitration for the infamous Lord Lucifer in her novel, and Violet cannot deny her feelings for him. Meanwhile Lord Leigh is determined to bag an American heiress to restore his Scottish estate and has set his sights on Violet and he will go to any lengths to get her. 

Harper St George's writing is delightful, she breathes new life into traditional tropes and creates great characters with chemistry and sparks that leap from the page. This was a fun, romantic and fast paced read. An author that fans of Victorian romance should not miss. 

Thanks so much to Historical Fiction Virtual Book tours for a gifted e-copy of the book. The Devil and the Heiress is available in print and ebook now. 


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