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I am truly delighted to be asked to take part in the blog tour for Susie Murphy's latest book; number four in the A Matter of Class series; A Class Coveted. 

The book opens with the McGovern family arriving in Boston after a long voyage from Ireland. Cormac hopes to provide a better future for their growing family and also search for his sister Bronagh. Bridget hopes to find peace and normality away from the prying eyes of her past and her cold and calculating husband. Orla and Tess want a safe home and the chance at a future. 

While the family face prejudice towards the Irish, Boston does provide. Cormac finds work and friends and Bridget finds that her needlework can increase their earnings. Orla finds love and a vocation. The story unfolds over a number of years and each character takes their turn in the spotlight, but this book is really Emily's story. As she grows up, she finds friendship easy but the reality of her lowly place in society as the daughter of Irish immigrants soon becomes apparent. She longs to attend a prestigious art school and make a living as an artist and while it seems such opportunities are opening up for women at last, they are only opening for women of wealthy backgrounds. 

Emily finds work as a housemaid and her resentment towards the monied class that see her as little more than furniture builds, and Emily begins to covet the social standing and the life of a young lady that she was born to. 

Once again Susie Murphy has created a page turning and beautifully paced novel continuing the Bridget and Cormac story into the next generation. Her observations on class and culture blend seamlessly with the narrative and the story is never overwhelmed by the research. A striking portrait of mid nineteenth century Boston emerges; the poverty, the prejudice, the danger. A fantastic historical read for fans of Hazel Gaynor, Marita Conlon-McKenna, Anne Marie Brear or Nicola Cassidy. 

Availble as a paperback or e-book now. 


  1. Lisa, thank you so much for reading and reviewing A Class Coveted - I'm so happy you enjoyed it! xx


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