Sherlock Holmes and Mr Hyde by Christian Klaver


Just published this week Sherlock Holmes and Mr Hyde is the second in Christian Klaver's The Classified Dossier Series published by Titan Books. While the book can be read as a standalone adventure, it follows on from last year's thrilling Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula and includes characters and settings from the previous novel which enrich the fog bound London of Holmes and Watson with supernatural creatures; keeping fans of Victorian gothic enthralled. 

The added element of the supernatural makes Holmes less sure of himself and allows for greater introspection and character development of Holmes and Watson, making this book more than just a mash up of Doyle and Stevenson's work. 

The intrepid duo of Holmes and Watson are disturbed one morning by an unexpected and desperate vistor Dr Jekyll, who arrives amid reports of a strange killing in Whitechapel and fears that Jack the Ripper has returned. Dr Jekyll soon reveals his alter ego and explains his connection to the murdered woman. The police are certain Hyde is the killer and Holmes is tasked with proving his innocence. 

The pursuit of the truth leads the pair and their new acquaitances down some dark paths and makes for a thrilling, shocking and entertaining read. 

Sherlock Holmes and Mr Hyde is ot now in hardback at 14.99. Thank you to Titan books for a review copy.