A Class Inherited by Susie Murphy


I cannot believe that Susie Murphy has already reached book six in this outstanding series, But yes here we are A Class Inherited is out in e-book and paperback on Monday, get your copy HERE

I have loved this series from the start. I have so enjoyed following Bridget and Cormac's story and the story of Emily who has grown into a young woman as the years have passed. In this instalment having learned that he has been named as Lord Bewley's heir, Cormac must once again travel across the sea. This time however he is taking his family with him and starting a new life, but the family face a number of dilemmas as they must leave behind loved ones, community, and the life they had made for themselves in Boston. Emily faces tough decisions about Rory and art school while Cormac must decide what to do with his workshop and face never seeing his sister again. 

Arrival in England does not go smoothly either as Cormac and Bridget face resistance from some of the Bewley's staff who feel they shouldn't have inherited, due to Cormac’s lowly origins. Bridget is told in no uncertain terms that she had her family will never be accepted by the English upper class due to her and Cormac's unconventional "marriage" and Emily realises that she will forever be caught between one class and the other as she is courted by two vastly different men. 

Susie Murphy's writing and storytelling skill has once again kept me spellbound, as I stayed up way past my bedtime, telling myself just one more chapter. Romantic, compelling, and insightful. I cannot recommend this series highly enough to fans of historial fiction, adventure and romance. 


  1. Thank you so much for reviewing A Class Inherited, I really appreciate it!


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