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Someday Find Me by Nicci Cloke from Guest Reviewer Margaret Madden

Another Guest Review from my dear friend Margaret of Bleach House Library

This novel is mainly about two characters: Fitz, a 25year old barworker/DJ and his girlfriend Saffy, an art student. After meeting at a party, they are drawn to each other and very quickly move in together. However, Fitz discovers Saffy has issues. Drink, drugs and an eating disorder are all symptoms of deeper problems. He is slow discovering these issues though, as he is completely blinded by his love for her. When the seriousness of her addictions begin to threaten Saffy's health, and even her safety, Fitz feels he has no option but to call for help. Saffy's side of the story interlaces with Fitz's and the reader can see how she has many problems that are spiraling out of control. Her dependence on drugs reads as a dark and dirty place to be, and her problems surrounding food are causing bouts of OCD. Basically, she is drowning and cannot see anyway through the surface of her despair. Rehab …

Kevin McCarthy Interview

Kevin McCarthy's second novel published earlier this year is shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards, you can vote for him here and check out my review of Irregulars here.
1. Who are your favourite authors/biggest influences and why?

My favourite authors? Like favourite films, this list changes often, but I do keep going back to Joseph Conrad and one of his acolytes, American novelist Robert Stone. As far as influences go, both of them would be big influences in terms of outlook and the notion of average men, working men and women put in positions of moral (and actual) peril. I’ve huge, big love for Derek Robinson as well, and his novel, Goshawk Squadron—nominated for the first ever Booker prize, incidentally—was a real influence on Peeler. Robinson went to great lengths to debunk the mythologies of the air war in WWI and instead reveal the grim realities of the pilot’s lot. I took this as a template for my treatment of the policeman’s lot in Ireland during the War of Independence. …

Wolf Bride out in paperback

I was delighted to receive a copy of this for review today, a gift from the author, and signed no less. Wolf Bride is published in paperback today, it is also available as an e-book. A delicious mash-up of erotica and historical intrigue. I am really looking forward to reading this. Thanks Ms Moss.

Graham Joyce Wins British Fantasy Award

Don't worry, my month long immersion in independent and self published fiction will result in plenty of reviews but for now a quick post about a wonderful author of Fantasy; Graham Joyce. Here is the press release from Gollancz. I hope to read and review the book this Winter.

GRAHAM JOYCE SOME KIND OF FAIRY TALE WINS THE BRITISH FANTASY AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL Graham Joyce received a standing ovation at the 1,000-strong awards ceremony of the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton on Sunday 2nd November 2013.  Picking up the Best Fantasy Novel Award for an unprecedented sixth time in his career, Joyce was earlier this year diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma cancer.  The event marked his first public appearance since his diagnosis. Joyce won the Best Fantasy Novel Award for Some Kind Of Fairy Tale, a story in which a young girl thought to have been abducted from the woodlands of the East Midlands returns to her family after twenty years [Gollancz; Paperback £7.99; e-Book £4.99]. Six months a…