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Fantasy Titles I can’t wait for in 2016

Having made a resolution to read even more fantasy, here is a small selection of the books that I hope to read this year. Are there any here that you are excited about? Any that I’ve missed? Tweet me @LisaReadsBooks and let me know.

Judged by Liz de Jager Jan 2016 Tor Books   9781447247708 This is the final instalment of one of the best urban fantasy series ever written. This instalment sees Aiden, Dante and Kit tracking down the dealers of “glow” an addictive fae created drug all across London bringing them much unwanted attention while in the Otherwhere Thorn realises that the Goddess is dying and with her the veil between the worlds and he needs Kit’s help. I cannot recommend this series highly enough.

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman Jan 2016 Walker Books 9781406358964 Australian Fantasy author Goodman blends Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Pride and Prejudice in this dark regency fantasy for young adults. Full of thrills, romance and magic this is a story sure to captivate.
A Gather…

Book Recommendations based on your Favourite TV Programmes

Turn off your television! Here are some books that are just as thrilling, just as suspenseful and just as fun as anything the small screen has to offer. As recommended by bookseller, Lisa Redmond.Posted on 6th December 2015 by Lisa Redmond
“So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookcase on the wall.”  Roald Dahl Are you in a Book Slump? If you haven’t found a book that really grabs your attention recently sometimes it’s just easier to pop the telly on and indulge in your favourite show. Obviously as a bookseller I would normally recommend several hours of Saturday afternoon browsing in your local Waterstones to sort this problem out, but in the meantime here’s a quick guide to help you find a book that I think you’ll enjoy based on similarities to your favourite show.

For Fans of Poldark (BBC)
If you are eagerly anticipating the next series of Poldark then The Devil in the Marshalsea by Antonia Hodgson is bound to su…

Some Witchy YA

Originally featured on the waterstones blog here are my top picks of witchy YA

Witchy YA for the Samhain Season - Halloween Spooktacular Bookseller Lisa Redmond gives us a round up of Young Adult Witchery in time for Halloween. Posted on 29th October 2015 by Lisa Redmond
Whether you are just looking for a seasonal slice of the supernatural or you need something to fill the gap while you await one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2016; Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch coming from Tor in January or like me you just love reading books about witches. This list is for you.  Here are ten of the best Young Adult reads featuring Witches and Witchcraft. An obvious exclusion is the Harry Potter series but I’m going to assume you have heard about that already.
Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker Hodder Books 2015 Set in an alternative 16th Century England. Elizabeth Gray is a witch hunter; part of the king’s elite guard, until she is…

The Words in my Hand

The Words in My Hand is the debut novel from Guinevere Glasfurd and tells the story of Helena Jans a Dutch maid in the 17th Century who became the lover of philosopher Rene Descartes. Helena is a powerful character determined to read, write and learn about the world. Initially hired by Mr. Sergeant, the bookseller because she could write, she is fascinated by the world of books. However she is soon relegated to the kitchen and without access to writing materials she experiments with making her own ink; using charcoal, soot even blood before finally settling on beetroot, and without paper she writes on her own skin.
When Descartes comes to lodge with the bookseller Helena finds his work and experiments fascinating but divided by social class and religion their affair must remain a secret. Over the next few years as Descartes struggles to write and to have his ideas accepted Helena raises his child in secret as neither a maid nor a wife. This is a fascinating book fleshing out the life …

The Scrivener

The Scrivener is the third book in Robin Blake’s fantastic mystery series featuring Preston Coroner Titus Cragg and his good friend Dr Luke Fidelis. Although this book is part of a series it can easily be read as a stand alone as enough explanation of the back story is provided to pique the reader’s curiosity without causing any confusion. The date is 1742 and Preston is preparing for the Preston Guild a celebration held every twenty years and overseen by the town mayor; currently Ephraim Grimshaw. Cragg and Grimshaw are old adversaries it would seem and when Cragg discovers the town pawnbroker and would-be banker Philip Pimbo slumped over his desk with a bullet in his head Grimshaw immediately panics assuming that Pimbo had made bad investments and committed suicide. Cragg is not so sure and with the aid of Dr Fidelis they investigate Pimbo’s business and personal life, his connection to a shady Liverpool Scrivener, a missing civil war treasure trove and the Guinea trade in human sla…

The Nurse's War

The Nurse’s War is the second book in Merryn Allingham’s World War Two set series Daisy’s War which began with The Girl from Cobb Street and will continue with Daisy’s Long Road Home. Although this book is mid series it is relatively easy to read and pick up the thread of the story. Allingham gives us enough of the story so far to save confusion but not so much that the first book is simply re-hashed.  This book sees Daisy back from India and having trained as a nurse she has settled into a routine working at St Bart’s and living at the nurse’s home. She has begun to rebuild her life having found a friend in fellow nurse Connie and a vocation in looking after the many brave Londoners injured in the intense bombing of spring 1941. However Gerald, Daisy’s husband whom she had believed dead turns up demanding her help. Gerald has deserted and wants Daisy to get him false papers so that he can begin again in America. Daisy does her best to help Gerald relying once again on her old frien…

Daughter of the House by Rosie Thomas

Daughter of the House is the eagerly awaited follow up to Rosie Thomas’s incredibly successful The Illusionists and although it is a sequel the book can quite easily be read as a stand alone novel. The novel tells the story of Nancy Wix; daughter of the great theatre impresario Devil Wix and his melancholic wife Eliza. Nancy discovers at a young age that she has psychic abilities but is at pains to keep “the uncanny” hidden from her family, though she struggles to do so when she is approached by another psychic after a boating tragedy. This man will haunt Nancy for many years. As the middle child Nancy is often the buffer in a house of large personalities: when her brothers go away to war, she must stay to hold her parents together. She joins the suffragettes and briefly finds work at a printing house and longs to find her own place in the world. Through her psychic abilities she finally finds it and begins to let go of just being a daughter and starts learning to be herself. This is …

The Lady of Misrule

The Lady of Misrule could be Lady Jane Grey the Nine Days Queen or it could be her newly appointed companion Elizabeth Tilney. Elizabeth volunteered to accompany Lady Jane to her new apartments at the Tower of London in order to escape her own domestic situation. A good Catholic girl had been requested and Elizabeth has tried very hard to be that but it hasn’t been easy. At first it seems the two young woman have very little in common and Elizabeth finds being shut away very dull but gradually she makes a friend of Jane and of her young husband and of those who are charged with keeping the young couple under lock and key. However the imprisonment cannot continue forever and shut away as they are they are unaware of the machinations and scheming that are happening at court and when the end comes, it is a shock to them all. Suzannah Dunn continues to build a reputation as the queen of Tudor fiction and this book is another testament to her skill, she has made the minutiae of the domesti…