Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Shipyard Girls in Love Blog Tour

I'm delighted to have a Q&A today with the fantastic Nancy Revell author of the wonderful Shipyard Girls series of historical novels which tell the story of just a handful of the many tough and resilient women who worked at Sunderland Shipyards during The Second world War. This month sees the release of the fourth in the series Shipyard Girls in Love. The latest instalment is set in 1941 and sees Gloria face her violent former husband while trying to hide the secret of her baby's true parentage. For Rosie the respite in air raids means a chance to fall in love. Fans of the series will be delighted to hear that there are more books on the way.

Q1.    What's the one piece of essential writing advice you would give to an author who wants to write historical fiction?

I’d say to really research the period you’ve chosen to write about, but equally so, don’t get so immersed in the research that you forget the fiction. It’s so easy to become engrossed in exploring the past and lose sight of your main objective which, of course, is to write a good story. It can be a tenuous balance!

Q2.      What draws you to writing about the hard working women of the North East?

When I started throwing around ideas for a new saga series and found out that there were women who worked in the Sunderland shipyards during WW2 (and WW1), I couldn’t believe I had not heard about them before. I was even more incredulous that not many other people had heard about them either. In fact, they seemed to have been totally overlooked. There had been next to nothing written about them. I felt passionate about shining a spotlight on these incredible women, who were spending up to twelve hours a day doing backbreaking and dangerous work. Many of them then went home to cook, clean and bring up their families and most of them had loved ones on the front line. I’m very proud to say that plans have been put in place for a statue to be made which pays tribute to this amazing and inspirational women.

 Q3.      Do you think you will write about other women during WW2? As this period is full of amazing stories or do you have other ideas tucked away for after this series?

At the minute I’m more than happy concentrating on my women welders. I feel the story has really just got going and there is so much more to come. The more research I do, the more ideas I have – but, it’s mainly ideas for The Shipyard Girls series. When I write, my focus has to be one hundred percent on what I am doing, and for the foreseeable future that focus is The Shipyard Girls. But you’re right, this period is full of so many amazing true life stories – especially about the women who were not just keeping the home fires burning – but doing just about everything else as well!

Thank you, Lisa, for having me on your blog.

If you enjoyed Ambulance Girls by Deborah Burrows or Milly Adams Sisters at War then you will love Nancy Revell's brilliant books. 

You can find out more about the Shipyard Girls Series at the Penguin Random House website HERE

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