Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Lost Girls by Sarah Painter

If you have visited this blog before then you probably already know that I am a big fan of Sarah Painter. You can read my reviews of Sarah's previous books at this link Sarah Painter
Sarah has written some wonderful magical and romantic books in the past but more recently she has delved into the urban fantasy genre with a fantastic series called Crow Investigations which begins with The Night Raven; you can find my review at the link above and with the new book The Lost Girls which is a page turning supernatural thriller. Rose a student at Edinburgh University keeps losing chunks of time, blacking out only to resurface hours or even days later and if that wasn't bad enough she is experiencing strange visions of terrible violence. Meanwhile Mal Ferguson who used to hunt demons finds himself working for one. He is tasked with finding out about the strange disappearances of young girls and he's been told to track down one very special girl, who has abilities that even demons covet. With a supernatural gang war about to erupt and creatures hunting them both Mal and Rose's paths cross with explosive consequences. A thrilling tale that compelled me throughout. A perfect read for all of Sarah's fans old and new but also for fans of Helen Slavin, Anna McKerrow, Neil Gaiman, Ben Aaronovitch and Laura Laakso.

Sarah kindly sent me an early copy to review. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Murder Pit by Mick Finlay

The Murder Pit is the second book in Mick Finlay's fantastic Arrowood series. The series is narrated by Barnett, assistant to Arrowood; a detective based in South London in the mid 1890s. Arrowood sees himself as a rival to Sherlock Holmes, so Holmes and Watson are referred to in passing in the stories. Holmes even sends a haughty letter to Arrowood in this novel but they move in very different worlds.While Holmes and Watson might solve mysteries for the wealthy and the titled Arrowood and Barnett are brought cases that will see them visit the backstreet pubs, the workhouses and the asylums. The author has a background in psychology and his insight and research into the history of the treatment of those suffering from mental illness and learning disabilities serves to create some fascinating and heartbreaking detail. Arrowood, despite his habits and temperament making him less than likable on occasion is at heart desperate to help those less fortunate then himself and Barnett's observations on the ups and downs of his employer's character make him a compelling narrator. In this instalment the men are tasked with finding out what has happened to a young woman who has recently married and cut off contact with her parents. The parents are very worried and eager to reconnect with their daughter. The detectives are tasked with visiting the farm where young Birdie now lives with her husband, but they soon discover all is not as it seems. These books are a must for fans of Sherlock Holmes but will also appeal to anyone who has an interest in stories set in Victorian London. You can check out my review of the first book in the series HERE

The Murder Pit is available in paperback, e-book and audio book from HQ now.

Thanks to Joe at HQ stories for a copy of the book and a chance to take part in the blog tour.

Friday, January 4, 2019

The Missing Pieces of Sophie McCarthy

I am delighted to be part of the blog tour for B. M. Carroll's The Missing Pieces of Sophie McCarthy. This is the author's first psychological thriller having previously written contemporary fiction as Ber Carroll. The story revolves around Sophie who following a horrific car crash which caused multiple injuries and left her in excruciating pain, is slowly trying to rebuild her life; at work for a major insurance firm and at home with her boyfriend. The story is told through multiple viewpoints, Sophie herself, her father Richard who will do anything to help his beloved daughter, her mother who fears that Sophie has an unhealthy hold over her father, her partner Aidan, his ex Chloe and daughter Jasmin and Hannah who works for Sophie and knows a secret about her past. The varying viewpoints help to build a picture of who Sophie really is and as various secrets, past actions, thoughts and behaviours are slowly revealed the reader will begin to question just how much of a victim Sophie really is. Hannah a single Mum who desperately needs her job to pay the many bills that are mounting up is finding that new boss Sophie is very demanding, but having always been timid she is afraid to accuse her of bullying. Chloe is struggling with daughter Jasmin's sleep problems especially since husband Aidan and she have split. Aidan is determined to make things work with new partner Sophie especially as he was the one who caused her accident. Richard wants to see Aidan pay for what he's done. Jasmin is convinced that her Dad's new girlfriend really doesn't like her. This is a fantastically page turning book, which kept me awake late into the night as I read on desperate to know what the next chapter would reveal. It's a fantastic study in character and emotional manipulation. Perfect for fans of Claire Allan, Catherine Ryan Howard or Liane Moriarty.