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Sonny and Me by Ross Sayers Blog Tour

Ross Sayers brilliant new YA novel features Billy and Sonny two inseparable friends from Stirling navigating the horrors of high school; boredom, hormones, homework and bullying from both teachers and students. One teacher however, Miss Baird, the boys do like, she supports Billy's hopes to pursue higher maths and get to University so when the boys see other students attempting to steal Miss Baird's car, of course they intervene and wind up in a whole heap of trouble. However that incident sets off a chain of events that lead to Miss Baird leaving the school in tears. The boys are desperate to know what happened to their favourite teacher and so they start to investigate. Sonny and Me is a real triumph, funny, poignant and cleverly capturing the voices of it's young protagonists. I laughed, gasped and sped through this charming tale of teens investigating murder, mystery and cover up. A real joy, perfect for fans of smart contemporary YA fiction like Holly Bourne or Sara …