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Sunwise by Helen Steadman

Sunwise is the second novel from Helen Steadman and is a direct follow up to the story she began with Widdershins; her debut. Widdershins was one of my favourite novels of recent years. It's a beautifully well crafted story of ordinary women caught up in a desperate man's campaign to rid the Scottish and English border areas of witches. You can read my review of Widdershins HERE
When I was asked to review Sunwise of course I jumped at the chance. I was delighted to receive such a a gorgeous package; my review copy came with a lovely corn dolly and two postcards. It's often happened that I have approached a second novel in a series with a sense of trepidation; worried that it won't live up to my expectations. With Helen Steadman's book I had no such worries and all of my high expectations were met. In Sunwise we once again meet Jane; mourning her mother as the seasons turn and her second child grows in her womb. John Sharpe meanwhile has fled Newcastle and arrived …

Kin by Snorri Kristjansson

Kin is the first of the Helga Finnsdottir mysteries from Snorri Kristjansson set in Scandinavia in the 970s and featuring a tenacious detective in Helga, Kristjansson blends the best of Viking historical fiction with a well paced and well plotted murder mystery. If you love scandi crime and Vikings then this for you. The paperback of Kin will be published on Thursday 7th March. I asked the author a few questions about his writing.

Q1.  Helga is a wonderful character, smart, curious and capable, she makes a great detective. Who are your favourite detectives? Where did the inspiration for Helga come from?
Helga, bless her, is what in Icelandic theatre parlance is sometimes (and not always altogether kindly) called a 'Scene Thief'. She popped up in book 2 of the Valhalla Saga, and was immediately very fun to write. She knew her mind and had no trouble navigating in a very male-oriented world. One of the things she did was navigate herself into book 3, where she played a much bigger…