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Spandex and the City by Jenny T Colgan Blog tour

Spandex and the City is the second novel from Jenny T Colgan, the pen-name of bestselling and award winning romance writer Jenny Colgan. It's a fairly flimsy disguise especially as the author's lovely, smiling face adorns the back of the book and I'm guessing there are two reason Ms Colgan is hiding her science fiction alter-ego in plain sight; firstly because she is utterly unashamed of her passion for and interest in stories about superheroes and time travelling doctors and secondly because she wants you to try her delightful genre mash-up and admit that you like it too. I am a big fan of science fiction, fantasy, comics, superheroes and romance so the idea of this book really intrigued me. It's a bit like Bridget Jones falling in love with Superman and it's as wild, funny and laugh out loud as that description sounds.
Holly Phillips is hungry for a job in journalism she wants to write about exciting things, but for now she's working in the PR section of the…

Madwoman in the Attic #6 Frances Power Cobbe

Frances Power Cobbe was born on December 4th 1822 at her family's estate at  Newbridge House in North Dublin. Her family were strongly evangelical in their faith but Frances began to question conventional religious belief and after her mother's death in 1847 she stopped attending church services. In 1855 she published Essay on Intuitive Morals setting out her own belief on religion and ethics. This caused a rift with her father and she left home permanently soon after. Frances travelled extensively in the years that followed and published Italics (1864) about her travels in Italy. She became involved with the Ragged Schools movement in Bristol and her time working with poor, sick and unemployed women fueled her interest in women's rights. She wrote a number of pamphlets and essays on women's education and women's suffrage, campaigning for assault to be grounds for separation. She was a leading member of the National Society for Women's Suffrage. In the 1870s s…

Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser

Song of the Current is the debut novel by Sarah Tolcser and it's a thrill a minute tale of river girl Caro and the cargo she must carry to Valonikas. The cargo however turns out to be a snotty, aristocratic although admittedly rather handsome boy. Chased by the Black Dogs Caro soon discovers that the boy is more than just a hindrance aboard her ship, he's much more important than he's letting on and by taking him upriver and being chased by Black Dogs she is endangering all their lives. I really, really enjoyed enjoyed this immersive and romantic fantasy tale. There is a diverse cast, lots of strong women and a great deal of witty rejoinders. Not to mention adventure on the high seas, battles, bullet wounds and dastardly magicians to contend with. A thrilling and fantastic debut. Aimed at the 14+ age range it will appeal to fans of Sarah J Maas, Laini Taylor, V. E. Schwab and Marissa Meyer.  Published in June by Bloomsbury Kids. Thanks to LoveReading for a copy. 

Widdershins by Helen Steadman

Widdershins by Helen Steadman is based on the Newcastle Witch trials of 1650. Very little is known of the event other than a list of names of those who were executed, and even that is disputed. With so little information it was a subject ripe for fiction and Helen Steadman has delivered a truly compelling and thrilling tale. Divided into two narratives; Scotsman John Sharp and apprentice healer English girl Jane Chandler are the fictional creations who become entangled in this all too tragic occurence. The 1650s were a time when puritan values took hold, when pastors preached fire and brimstone and the evils of the flesh and neighbour turned against neighbour. The depth of Helen's research is immediately apparent. This book is a treasure trove of the cunning woman's knowledge of herbs and healing, birth and death. (Image courtesy of publisher Impress Books)

Jane learns how to make infusions and syrups from a young age. She knows the right berries to pick and the right time to…

More new books to be excited about in 2017

2017 is proving to be an absolutely top notch year for books. Not only are there new books on the way from some of my favourite historical fiction authors Bernard Cornwell, Ken Follett, Hazel Gaynor and Diana Gabaldon as well as new books from fantasy authors Philip Pullman, Celine Kiernan, Frances Hardinge and Ilka Tampke there are all of these lovelies to look forward to also.

Just Published 

The bestselling author of The Bees returns with a powerful environmental thriller about friendship and obsession. Perfect for fans of Rosamund Lupton and Peter May. Out now 4th Estate.

Lucy Atkins third novel features a TV historian, a Victorian diary and a web of secrets and lies. This sounds just amazing. Out now Quercus Books

Rebecca Mascull has just released her third novel and it features women pilots in Edwardian England and the Great War. I am really looking forward to reading this. Out Now from Hodder Books. For fans of Katherine Webb and Helen Dunmore.

A new book from Carol Goodman alw…