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Laura's Spooky Show by Natasha Mac a'Bháird

The latest instalment in Natasha Mac a'Bháird's Star Club series is a tale of friendship, fun and adventure revisiting best friends Laura, Meg, Ruby and Hannah. Laura writes a story of a spooky house and a young girl captured by witches; drawing inspiration from a near derelict local house; Ivy Lodge and the strange old lady who lives there. When her friends read her story they are desperate to turn it into a play but difficulty ensues when they struggle to find a place to rehearse and things don't quite go to plan when Laura's friends don't want to play the parts she had envisioned for them, but friendship wins through as the girls find a mystery to be solved at spooky Ivy Lodge and wonder what Laura's older sister's strange behaviour might have to do with it.This is a lovely companion to the existing books in the series but could easily be read as a stand alone story. A delightful read from a consummate storyteller, perfect for fans of Sarah Webb, Cathy …

The Swallows by Lisa Lutz

The Swallows by bestselling thriller wrier Lisa Lutz is set in a boarding school on America's wealthy east coast. It's isolated and surrounded by woods and for new teacher Alex Witt that's Stonebridge Academy's most attractive quality. Hired to teach English, Alex discovers she's been given the task of teaching creative writing to a group of seniors. Alex is frustrated at the bait and switch the principal pulled; she is the daughter and occasional ghostwriter/editor for her father a celebrated thriller writer but she had not wanted to teach writing. So without a lesson plan she sets her students a questionaire to stimulate writing ideas; asking what do you love? what do you hate? who are you really? etc. but as she looks through their answers Alex begins to suspect some disturbing behaviour among the students. She sets out to discover what the secrets of "The Darkroom" are and why so many of the girls seem to fear and loathe it and so many of the boys lo…