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The House at Silvermoor by Tracy Rees

The latest novel from Tracy Rees, The House at Silvermoor is published on April 2nd by Quercus and is available in paperback and e-book. I was lucky enough to receive an e-arc from the publishers. The story revolves around two friends; Tommy and Josie growing up in neighbouring pit villages in South Yorkshire as the 19th Century gives way to the Twentieth. Both dream of a different kind of life. Josie craves kindness and the kind of family and friendship that she does not find at home and Tommy who is a keen scholar longs to learn. Through their encounters with the wealthy Sedgewick family the two friends are given a chance at a new life and discover a secret that could turn everything they think they know about the local gentry on its head. This is a well told and perfectly paced novel which explores the changing society of the early twentieth century as the working class begin to push against the old order, it also touches on the hardships of those working in the mines and the cont…